SQLizer.io - convert files into SQL databases with ease

sqlizer.io - our data conversion and migration tool - had some upgrades this week.

sqlizer.io is a simple online tool that allows you to upload a data file in one of the following formats;

  • CSV
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS and XLSX)
  • TSV
  • XML
  • JSON

...and sqlizer will automatically generate a MySQL script for you - containing table definitions and INSERTs for all your data.

We've increased the reliability of JSON migrations, as well as our handling of very large files. We ask users to subscribe to sqlizer.io at $10 per month for files larger that 5,000 rows of data - any fewer rows and the service is free to use.

Also, we've added HTTPS support so your files are encrypted in-transit, for extra peace of mind.

We hope you'll find sqlizer.io makes converting files into SQL databases simple and painless.

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