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The tech unicorns aren't software companies, they're data companies. We can help you become a data-first company.

Data Strategy

Are you making the most of your data? What kind of data do you have and what kind of data should you have? Our consultancy services can design & build a data strategy or AI/ML strategy to supercharge your data-informed organisation.

Data Development

Data infrastructure is tricky. Whether it’s instrumentation, data ingress, ETL, MI reporting, dashboards, map-reduce jobs, data migration, query optimisations, NoSQL stores, or data visualisation. We can build the tools your organisation needs.

Technical Consultancy

Capturing, processing, and reporting on data can take weeks or months. And it might not even be the right data. We can help you capture the right data and get it into the hands of the right people - fast.

About D4

We’re an industry-leading software and data consultancy operating in London and Birmingham, UK. For over 20 years we’ve helped companies build products, drive innovation, and unlock the hidden growth levers in their data.

From validation of your product’s features through to working with billion user-scale datasets: we’re experts at collecting, storing, and processing vast quantities of data.

D4 gives you the tools and expertise you need to make sense of your data and deliver ongoing value to your organisation. We work to understand your problems and goals so we can provide the right combination of future-proof analytics software and processes to help you thrive in a data-driven future.

We use best-in-class software, our own proprietary tools, and open-source technologies to help you turn data into actionable insight.

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Take control of your data collection with Prodlytic. Automatically track everything that happens on your website or in your app and send it to your own data warehouse. Forget third party limitations, your data is too valuable to be left in someone else’s care.


Use the SQLizer algorithms via API to build a continuously deliverable data migration pipeline. Easily and securely convert & migrate Excel, JSON, and CSV files into SQL databases with table definitions and multiple INSERT statements.


As your app’s missing report screen, QueryTree is versatile, powerful, secure, and open source. Technical and non-technical users alike can easily manipulate, visualize, and report on and share data in ways that enhance knowledge, understanding, decision-making.