"Do you want to be our CTO?"

We build software for companies of all sizes, and at the smaller end of the scale we work with web technology startups to build their first versions.

While doing consulting or build work on these ‘minimum viable products’ we’ve found ourselves asked the same thing over and over again;

“Do you want to be our CTO?”

While we’re always flattered, the answer is always “thanks, but no” — we want to focus on building D4’s business and products.

Then we got to thinking; “Could we, as a team, be a Virtual CTO for these guys?”

So, we’ve launched an actual service for that — “CTO as a Service”.

The naming is a little tongue-in-cheek, but we’re really serious about the concept. Many startups try to hire their CTO on a tight budget by compromising on experience — these new packages mean they don’t have to.

Most business people understand the idea of hiring a part time (or ‘virtual’) Finance Director, so why not a Technology Director?

We act as the leadership team’s representative, directing your technical team to generate the best return on their time; in line with your business goals.

We help you get up and running, whether that’s helping you select a supplier, or hire a software engineer.

We represent the technical team’s views back to you in ways that make sense, giving you better control and enabling you to respond accordingly

We join your leadership team contributing strategic input and insight

All of this for less than a salary, and we take no equity. The details are over here: http://ctoforhire.uk

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